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Trek In Nepal

Nepal is the worlds greatest trekking destination. Its a land having a roof of high Himalayas and has a very pleasant landscpae along with cultural diversity. Trekking is one of the popular tourism activities in Nepal and one of the best way of experiencing the natural beauty and rich cultural heritage of Nepal.

It is a land locked country surrounded by China and India occupying around 147,181 square kilometers of area in Asia. Basically it is known as the "country of Himalayas and natural beauties". Nepal is a land of many high mountain peaks including the worlds highest peak Mt. Everest (8848 m) and many other higher HImalayas. So, you can experience the whole adventure and panaromic view of high snow capped mountains being here in Nepal and having the adventorous treks.

Mountains are not the only beauty of Nepal, there are so many naturally beautiful places which keeps Nepal always lively like rivers ,ponds, waterfalls, hills, forests are the main assets of Nepal. Yearly many tourists come here to watch and observe the beauty of Nepal. Nepal is also defined as "A colorful garden of 36 ethnic groups and 4 castes"  where more than hundred languages are spoken and various cultures and traditions are followed and all remain together as brothers and sisters. So, this diversed culture and natural beauty can also be the another attraction for the tourists.

Trekking has  been a popular and adventurous asset of economic growth for the nation and the people involving in the trekking sectors. With the variety of adventure options, the country is a favorite among adventure lovers. Everest Region, Annapurna Region, Langtang Region, Mustang Trek, Manasalu Region, etc. are the trekking destinations and many othere destinations are also being created along with many tours and holiday packages.

The beauty of Nepal cannot be defined in a words so, to know Nepal please do visit Nepal and be a part of it.

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