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Langtang Region

Like many others Himalayan Ranges Langtanag Himalayan Range is also favorable destination for the tourist. In the comparison of distance it’s the nearest destination from Kathmandu. Even though it was highly destruction by the massive earthquake which was occur in the year of 2015 in Nepal. It’s completely recovered so there is no worry about the unpleasant situation during the travel. Among all the others regions it’s one of the richest place in traditional Tamang cultural & their lifestyle. Specially Tamang people are the resident of this area. They are Buddhist follower so the culture of this region is extremely influence by Buddhist religion. Beside all these things you will have awesome lifestyle of Tamang people which are completely different from the other. Along with this amazing culture you will have fantastic & amazing views of Langtang & Ganesh Himalayan Range. 

Geographical Feature: Naturally Langtang contains so many mountains. It has a geographical diversity. Definitely it has own characteristics which make it differ from the other places and famous for internal & foreigner tourist. This region is combination of hills & mountains. Including Mount Langtang Himal altitude from the sea level beside this there are so many others mountains situated in this region which are; Mt. Langtang Lirung, Mt. Langsisa, Mt. Dorje Lakpa, and so on with elevation of above 6000 m.

In other hands there are so many famous lakes like; Gosainkunda Lake, Parbati Kunda Lake & Surya Kunda lake. All this lake is really famous in Nepal because of their religious significant. The whole region is irrigated with Trisuli River which originated from the Gosainkunda Lake.

Biological Feature: In this region you can see pine, fire, rhododendron and many others herbs which are very valuable. Animals of this region are mountain sheep, dear, rear and valuable Red Panda are found which are conserving by the Langtang National Park.  

Location: Mid part of the Nepal Province No. 3 Rasuwa district with the boarder of China. It’s located in the Langtang National Park with the area of 1710 km2. It was established in year of 1976 by government of Nepal for the conservation of vegetation and animals.

Major Mountains: Mount Langtang is the most popular mountain of this region. Beside Mount Langtang there are so many others mountains situated in this region which are; Mt. Langtang Lirung, Mt. Langsisa, Mt. Dorje Lakpa, and so on with elevation of above 6000 m.

Culture & Lifestyle: This region is highly influence with the Tamang culture. They are inhabitant of this region. Their main occupation is traditional agriculture. In addition they grow vegetable, buckwheat, corn and they also keep domestic animals like yak, cows, goats, sheep, etc.

Religion: Buddhism is the main religion of the region. So when you entry this region you can see so many monks and Buddhist temples praying wheels throughout your trip in Gosainkunda you can see Hindus temple which is one of the most popular for Hindus followers.  

Accommodation: There is no worry about hotel and restaurant facilities. There are large numbers of guesthouses available with good hospitality with Tamang culture in affordable prices having verities of menu included with local food. Food is prepared by the full experienced and trained cook.

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