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Dolpo Trek

Dolpo region is one of the remote area of Nepal. Among all the other trekking you can have distinct experience with camping settlement with full staff like porter, kitchen staff, experience & trained cook. Economic status of the people of this region is extremely low therefore most of the people are suffering from poverty. People of this area are less literate. So that this is less populating district of Nepal even it’s the biggest district in Nepal on the basis of area. This region is a home to some of the highest villages in the world, almost all of the region lies above 3500 m. It is one of the least densely populated area of Nepal.

Though it’s remote and less populated as well as of the beaten track for tourist it’s naturally beautiful destination to travel because of famous She Phoksundo Lake having an area of 494h and depth 145m in average. This region is falls under the She Phoksundo National Park (3555 km2). This is the largest national park of Nepal on the basis of area.  This area is influence with the Buddhist & Bonbo Tibetan religion along with their culture classical lifestyle. It’s also a rain shadow region. Beside all these mention above beautiful view of Mount Dhaulagiri (8167 m) also one of the charm of this region.        

Geographical Feature: Naturally Upper Dolpo is known as a rain shadow area. It has a geographical diversity. Definitely it has own characteristics which make it differ from the other places and famous for tourist. This region is combination of hills & Rocky Mountains. In other hands there is a very famous lakes She Phoksundo, desert and fascinating landscape.   

Biological Feature: In this region you can see pine, fire, rhododendron, bamboo and many others shrubs. Animals of this region are mountain sheep, dear, rear musk dear, snow leopard, etc. Animals and plants are conserving by government of Nepal established the She Phoksundo National Park.    

Location: Far western part of Nepal Province No. 6 Dolpa district with the boarder of China. It’s located in the She Phoksundo National Park with the area of 3,555 km2. It was established in year of 1984 by government of Nepal for the conservation of vegetation and animals.  

Culture & Lifestyle: This region is highly influence with the traditional culture & lifestyle inhabitants of this region especially Buddhist & Bonbo are major religion. This ethnic group was believed to migrate from Tibet many years ago. So their lifestyle, culture & custom are similar with Tibetan people. Their main occupation is traditional agriculture. In addition they grow vegetable, buckwheat, corn, wheat, barley and beans they also keep domestic animals like yak, cows, goats, sheep, etc.

Religion: Buddhism is the main religion of the region. So when you entry this region you can see so many monks and Buddhist old monastery along with Shey Gompa praying wheels throughout your trip.

Accommodation: There is no hotel & guesthouse available yet. Therefore we should manage everything ourselves instead of hotel & guesthouse accommodation. Yet there is no worry about it because we can manage enough staff with full equipment for that. 

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